Ch. de la Redoute, 32

CH - 1260 Nyon

Tel.   +41 22 361 47 54

MICODA Ltd's methodological approach is pragmatic and transparent : it strives to quickly identify the most relevant questionings of a problem and to adapt the analysis effort according to the complexity of the goals to achieve.

Michael Flamm has a wide experience in survey and analysis methods and he is able to propose an optimised problem solving method (if necessary, in cooperation with research partners), including :

  1. Comprehensive qualitative interviews (with individuals, service users, etc.)

  2. Detailed and continued recording of individual travel practices over several days or weeks, based on a GPS tracking system (survey method developed and implemented in partnership with the Urban Sociology Laboratory of the EPFL)

  3. Questionnaire-based surveys

  4. Focus groups

  5. Analysis of stakeholder interplays and of institutional logics  (analysis of economic and political contexts, interviews of experts)

  6. Prospective analysis based on documentary research

  7. Drafting of usage scenarios

  8. Statistical analysis of complex data sets (including automated data processing steps)

  9. Spatial data analysis exploiting functionalities of geographical informations systems

  10. Production of elaborate graphical presentations to synthesise results on a few pages

Practiced Languages :

French, German, English, Italian