Ch. de la Redoute, 32

CH - 1260 Nyon

Tel.   +41 22 361 47 54

Through MICODA Ltd, Michael Flamm offers his wide expertise in the analysis of individual daily travel behaviour, as well as in the evaluation and design of innovative mobility services.

Michael Flamm combines an initial training as an electrical engineer ETH with a postgraduate master in « Society, Science and Technology » and more than a decade of research experience in travel behaviour analysis from a sociological point of view. His understanding of operational problems is also based on several years of involvement in the development of car club services (in particular in management and consulting positions within Mobility CarSharing Switzerland).

Since 1996, Michael continually watches for pilot projects – still in operation or abandoned – and for sustained innovations which punctuate the transformation of transportation systems towards the goal of sustainable mobility. This knowledge allows him to quickly recognise risks of failure to be avoided in the development of new projects.

In a general way, Michael adopts a pragmatic standpoint towards the implementation of new technologies. The rise of distributed computing and of 'Big Data' indeed promises exciting service opportunities, but in the end it is always the added value provided to the user which determines if an innovative mobility solution is adopted in the long run (or not). In addition, costs charged to customers are always a sensitive issue.

In his activities, Michael favours approaches which promote win-win situations for the whole of mobility service providers.

Service proposals :

  1. Development of innovative mobility services

  2. Project consulting services  (external advice to enhance chances of success)

  3. Realisation of user surveys

  4. Complex quantitative data analysis  (big data sets, interdependent data files, etc.)

  5. Development of new survey methods